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Images by Amber Cartwright

These were all my favorite photos too!!! Heres to more fun memories and adventures next year!!! πŸ’š.πŸ’š

I'm wearing lipgloss. Also me this morning hating the sun

Half or blend? Install tomorrow...ish.

πŸ˜…πŸ˜‚ I got shampoo in my eyes. Why am i like this?! But also... So freeee

Dear friends, I'm super over my uneven hair. Forever later and I'm only 3/4 attempting to blow dry my hair before I cut it.

There is no inbetween

This sums up my thanksgiving weekend. I spent SO kuch time with family and friends I'm only just now feeling sub human again. πŸ’š

Finally got to meet @aureliovoltaire ❀

Few pictures later you realize everythinf is soft focus

Yes hi. My make up is still cute and it makes me feel obnoxious